Additional Products and Print Sizes - In Store Service Only

Additional print sizes and services are available in stores to provide a wide variety of possible presentations for your images. Some of these are listed below:

More print sizes:

4”x7”, 4”x10”

5” x 8.75”, 5”x14”

8”x8”, 8”x14”

11”x11”, 11”x16”

12”x12”, 12”x14”, 12x16”

Canvas Enlargements – 9”x36” up to 24”x96”

Canvas Gallery Wraps – 9”x36”, 12”x36”, 12”x18”, 16”x20” and 18”x24”

C-41 Negative and E6 Slide Film processing and printing from 135 and APS formats

Calendars, Photo Frame Prints, 4”x8.5” and 5”x7” Seasonal Greeting Cards

Instant Prints are also available.
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