Home Edition Questions

Q.  Can I start my book on one computer and then finish it on another?

A. No, not at this time.

Q.  Can I switch from Photographic Album to Coffee Table photo books in the middle of an order?

A. Yes you can. Select “Edit” and “Change Book” in the drop down menu selection. You may lose the image on the cover page if you have selected a Photographic Album with a window cover previously. Also there is a different maximum size for each, thus if you have exceeded the number of pages allowable in the new version you may not be allowed to change unless you edit the number of pages first.

Q. What is the difference between Coffee Table and Photographic Album books?

A. Coffee Table books are printed on archival bond paper and Photographic Albums are printed on high quality photo paper. Both types have a wide assortment of covers to choose from in hardcover, with or without a window to display an image. Coffee table books have an additional selection of sizes and come in softcover as well. Please go to the Home Edition Photobooks page for more information.

Q.  What is the difference between Silver, Gold, and Platinum books?

A. These are different series book covers with 3 prices ranges. Silver is our most economical price point with platinum being the most expensive. Each series has a good assortment of premium covers to choose from to create a luxurious and customized finish to your book.

Q.  How long do I have to wait to get my Photo Book?

A.Your Photo Book may take up to a week to complete. You will receive notification by email when the book is ready to pickup at the store you selected.

Q. How do I add more pages to my Photo Book?

A. Click “Insert” from your menu at the top of the Home Edition Software 2. then click “Add Page”

Q. Where do I find prices online?

A.Please go to the Home Edition Photobooks page for more information. Your book starts out at a base price which varies between Hardcover, Softcover and Size options. There is a premium add-on for Gold and Platinum covers. There is also an additional charge for each page above the starting quantities - $1.00 for each additional Coffee Table page and $2.00 for each additional Photographic Album page.

Q. How do I enter text?

A.Click “Insert” “New Caption” from the menu at top, or click the A+ (Add Edit Caption) button on your control bar. Click and drag the caption area out on your page or image and click inside the caption area and start typing. The size and text format should be selected to best suit and fit the caption in the space provided. Ensure all text fits within the caption space provided. If not click and drag the caption box to include all text.

Q.  Am I able to share my Photo Books with others online?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Am I able to pay online with a credit card?

A. Only orders that are requested for shipping to a specific address can be paid online at this time. Orders that are going to be picked up at the store have to be paid at the store upon pickup.

Q.  Can I have the Photo Book shipped to me?

A. Yes you can. You will need to pay for it online with a valid credit card when you place your order.

Q. Why do I select the Photo Book cover at the end of the process?

A. The photo book creation process and the order submission process are separate. The photo book creation process allows you to work at your leisure on your “book block” (Photo Book contents) without being online. During the submission process of the order, after you’ve completed the “book block”, you are working online and will have access to the wide selection of photo book covers that will be updated on a regular basis. Access to this information is not available to you when you are not online.

Q.  Is the Home Edition software compatible with Mac?


Q.  I’m getting an “archive corrupt” error when I try to install the software.

A. The file was not properly downloaded from our server usually due to Internet connection problems. Try downloading and installing again and if the problem persists, try again later or on a different computer. Also, when clicking on the download link, select the “Save” option instead of the “Run” option, save the file to a location on your drive, and run the file from that location once the download is completed.

Q.  How do I use images from my Apple iPhoto library?

A. iPhoto has an Export function to help export images out of the library into a folder that can be accessed by other applications. First, select the images you would like to use in iPhoto, then Click on File… > Export and follow the prompts to select the size and output folder location.

Q.  What types of images should I use?

A. For best results, we recommend the use of full resolution 8-bit JPEG files in the sRGB colourspace. Some common issues with images include the following: 1. TIFF format images will take longer to load and if the TIFF is 16-bit, CMYK or greyscale the images may not appear correctly. 2. Greyscale images, including JPEG, should be converted back to colour (they will still appear as black and white) as they may also appear incorrectly – this can happen when scanning black and white photos with the scanner mode set to greyscale and not colour. 3. Layered images – while the software will work with PSD files, for consistency with the final output we recommend flattening to JPEG first.

Q. When I open up a photobook I previously created, the images are gone

A. If the original full-size images have been moved or are on a removable CD or USB drive that has since been removed the software may not be able to find the images the next time you open the file. To correct this problem, please return the images to their original location. The pre-flight preview window may be able to help you determine the original location of the missing files. If you cannot return the project or images to their original state you may have to clear the affected pages and re-insert the images.

Q.  I have problems running under Windows Vista

A. Windows Vista’s new UAC (User Account Control) security features may be restricting the application from running. You can try one of two things: Right-click on the application and on the popup context menu select “Run as Administrator” or you can turn off User Account Control in the Control Panel, though this can increase the potential for unwanted applications to run.

Q.  How can I import text created with another software application into my photobook?

A. Select your text in the other software (right click copy, or from the menu select edit/copy). Once text is selected, open an existing text box, or add a new one (Insert/New Caption) and use Ctrl V (Ctrl and V keys pressed at the same time) to paste the contents into the text box. The more common process right click/paste, or edit/paste will not work in Home Edition 2

Q. When using Fast Track to import my images, how do I organize my images so that they will appear in a specific order? It appears the order of the images remain in the order I import them and that is not the way I want them to show up in my book.

A.When you import your images you can preset the order of the images By Date (Older first), By Date (Newer first) and By Name. When importing images from several folders, each group will be added sequentially after the previous import. If you require all images from different folders to be merged together in a specific order you will need to import them as a single group. To do this, create a new folder in your Desktop Explorer, or My Computer before starting your book, and copy all the images to be used for the book into this folder. Use this new folder to import all the images into the Home Edition 2 software all at one time.

Q.  Can I track my order?

A. Yes you can. In your order confirmation email you will receive a link "Track my order status". This will take you to a live status site telling you what stage your order is at. If you requested shipping the order, your shipping status can be tracked on the Canada Post website www.canadapost.ca  You will need to choose “By Reference Number” on the Canada Post tracking page and enter the order number you received on the order confirmation email received from us.

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